Andy Merrild

Bass Guitar & Vocals

Born July 14, Andy started playing bass at the age of 13.  After honing his skills in various cover bands, he was presented with the opportunity to perform with Dick Wagner and the Frost.  Wagner was the primary songwriter/guitarist for Lou Reed and Alice Cooper, and co-wrote "Only Women Bleed" and "I'll Never Cry."  Not long after that, Andy was invited to be a perfomring member with the legendary band Rare Earth ("Get Ready," "I Just Want to Celebrate," "Losing You," "Born to Wander"). 

Andy is also a founding member of the Michigan band Dahliagrey, whose first CD release "Dreams Get Dusty" was met with critical acclaim.  Over the last 7 years, members of Dahliagrey have been the musicians for Motown greats such as Spyder Turner and the Contours, and have shared the stage with Aretha Franklin and Sherrie Payne from the Supremes. 

Andy's style and charismatic stage presence, while playing the bass, leaves the crowd in awe.  His laid back attitude and 24/7 moral support are what keeps Lunatic Fringe on track and ready to perform the next show.